How to Book Lakshadweep Tour Package?

Lakshadweep – One of the picturesque tropical island systems offers a precious heritage of ecology and culture. Underwater view at Lakshadweep is arresting and spectacular. The Lagoon offers a number of striking water sports like swimming, windsurfing, diving, snorkelling and kayaking. Getting to Lakshadweep is not easy. Lakshadweep is a particular destination in India with some restrictions. Essentially the foreign nationals can only stay resorts under SPORTS .  You can book either SPORTS packages or private packages. Lakshadweep tourism promoted by SPORT and Private operators. SPORTS( The Society for Promotion of Nature Tourism and Sports) is a society formed for the promotion of tourism in the islands by the Lakshadweep administration in 1982. First of all, SPORTS ensures eco-friendly tourism and recreational activities on the island in connection with the guidance of the Lakshadweep Administration.

Kochi is the gateway to Lakshadweep and it takes 1 hour to reach there. Flights and ships are the modes of travel. Of all the 39 islands 11 are only inhabited. There are certain procedures to complete before you enter the island. Since the drinking water and other resources are limited, the entry to these places is highly restricted by the Administration of Lakshadweep even to the islander of the mainland. You can opt either any three ways. The tourism promotion agency of SPORTS of government do can any needful for entry permission and accommodation. Either private tour packages and Sponsorship are available.

Government packages are costly when compared to others. Those who cant afford government packages can opt for private packages. Packages ranging from different costs and available in the private packages. The main step in sponsorship is to get permission permit from a islander. It is very less costly compared to the others and you will be entered under the complete responsibility of that person. Sponsorships are two types where you can select for the 15 days permission nor 60 days.

All Indians having a valid ID card can visit Lakshadweep. Lakshadweep tourism season is from September to May. Of all islands, Five are accessible for tourism. This spot is quite famous for all the water activities like Scuba diving snorkelling, parasailing, kayaking, sailing, glass-bottom boat ride tours, deep-sea fishing and many more.

All the island in Lakshadweep is ably connected with local transport. This place is reachable through air and water routes.

Lakshadweep has its nearest airport Cochin International airport and it takes almost one and a half hours to reach Agatti. The only airport in Lakshadweep is located in Agatti. One can avail helicopter from Agatti to Kavaratti all around the year. And from Agatti to Bangaram during monsoon.

Ships are available from Kochi. You can avail different types of ships like A/C Deluxe class, A/C first class and Tourist class. This journey takes about 14 to 20 hours.

Tour packages from 3-5 days are available. Indeed this destination is at the top list of enthusiastic and adventurous people. A number of people across the globe are going to Lakshadeep every year. The cuisines of Lakshadweep are mainly from the sea. Mouthwatering kinds of seafood are obtainable here. Literally meaning a hundred thousand islands, Lakshadweep has the most good looking and exotic islands and beaches in India.

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