Tuk Tuk Tours in Fort cochin


This tour is ideal for every first-time visitor of Kochi and it is a pleasant way to explore the city as a local in the back of Tuk Tuk. You will cover all the landmarks including traditional fishing nets, St. Francis Church, Dutch Palace and the Jewish Synagogue. This is a stroll around the Fort Kochi to see its Portuguese, Dutch and British influences. There are many tuk tuk drivers willing to take you on a guided tour around Fort Kochi. This is also a hidden factor in Kochi with an authentic service provider with the help of real experts in the local area. It is possible to visit more places, in particular, smaller cottage industries which give you a real insight into local life.


It’s been a beach installation for centuries, even before the coming of Portuguese colonisers. Over four fishermen operate in one Chinese net at the same time which is built with bamboo and teak poles. This versatile creation is unique and attractive which is enabling only one person pulling at the main plank to be able to drag into the sea.


A unique with its ambience and architecture and this thus is believed to be one of the oldest churches in India. This church is famous for buring the great legend Vasco da Gama who was the first European who discovered the route to India. He was buried on his third visit to India. It is said that his remains were shipped to the homeland. Bt still his gravestone is seen in this church. A number of tourists come to visit this place every year.


Dutch palace is also known as Mattancherry Palace is a Portuguese palace in Mattancherry which is located about 12km from Ernakulam. This palace lies in its simplicity as it is build in the Kerala style and reserved for the nobility. The building has been painted in the warm soothing colours and consist of a portrait gallery of the Cochin rajas and beautiful mythological murals. The rulers of Cochin welcomed vasco Da Gama to this palace in 1498. The deity of the royal family PazhayannurBhagavathy is placed as the central courtyard. There are much more interesting exhibits and facts to talk about.


This is the oldest active synagogue which shares its walls with the Mattancherry palace and was built by Spanish speaking Jews. this synagogue was ruined by the Portuguese and later renovated by dutch in 1664 After two years. This synagogue can be called as the second synagogue built near to the Mattancherry palace in the land granted by the raja of Cochin to Jews. Today people are allowed to enter into the synagogue for all devotees and worshippers.

Enjoy the great time in Kochi with tuk tuk and this will take you to the most interesting and authentic places. The best is above all the drive is wonderful with kids and moreover this is the honest way representation of local sightseeing and best way to explore the sights and sounds of Fort Kochi.